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Noise Chamber next saturday! [ posted jun 18 2016 ]

Next Saturday, june 25th, NOCX will play live at Lokaal Vredebreuk Den Haag.
Noise Chamber starts from 20:00 and will last until 5:00. Admission is free!
Next to NOCX, Schwarzstern and X.Donamical will also play a live show.
DJ's for the night are Sciphyber, Ragnarok, Mentaru, Noctum and Demanufacturer!

We're looking forward to a great party and hope to see you all there!

Upcoming shows [ posted jan 26 2016 ]

We have some new shows on the way for 2016 so grab your agenda because you're going to be seeing NOCX on the following dates:

Diedfest 6feb , Flatertheek Naaldwijk
With X.Donamical, Sepiroth, Sailor Twift & INWAR.

HPC Winterfest Feb 20, HPC The Hague
Met o.a. X-Donamical, La lune Noire, Evil goat Riders, Dead Cat Stimpy and many more.

Unterwasser, april 16 Das Boot
With Mono-Amine & Dj's Fritz, Nachtraaf, Anoxemia, NMI and Noctum.
(invite only, so feel free to ask!)


NOCX & EVIL GOAT RIDERS [ posted Jun. 29th 2015 ]
Live at HPC Café 18-09-2015

Ressurection is the word: NOCX is back with new material! Can't wait to hear what we've been up to for the past months? Come check it out at the HPC Café The Hague on Friday September 18th.

Evil Goat Riders will also be performing that night. Check out their website on evilgoatriders dot com!

HPC Café is located in The Hague (Burgemeester Hovylaan) and can easily be reached by taking the Randstadrail 2 from The Hague Central station. Visit the HTM.nl website for the most accurate timetable on public transportation.

Changes [ posted May 12 2015 ]

Hey People! It's been a long time since we've updated anything here but not without good reason: Steef has decided to stop with NOCX. As for the team (NOCX is far more than just Steef and randy) we have the most respect and understanding for his decision. Even though he is not a bandmember anymore he sure is a friend. We wish him the best.

The second reason is that Randy has moved to a new home and has to rebuild the studio, which is close to completion. New material is on its way and yes: it's loud as f**k!!

Expect new material as soon as we return to the stage which is next September and October at HPC Café and De Flaat.

End of an era [ posted Dec. 8th 2014 ]

One of our favorite (and our home) venue is closing down.
To end an awesome era we play at a 'The New Industrial Generation' special benefit evening together with Benjamin'sPlague and MadManCircus.

Join us friday the 19th of December at De Vinger!

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